Our Curriculum

what is our curriculum

We hope each individual child progresses through Bonnie Bear Day Care and graduates with what we like to call the “Bonnie Bear Back Pack” which is a hypothetical representation for the what we aspire each child to have learnt and developed from their journey with us until they go on to become independent School children, Our aim is for our follow on schools to specifically recognise a Bonnie Bear Child because of what we have embedded throughout their journey with us.

Bonnie Bear Day Care consider each individual child within our curriculum . 

We consider the different ways in which each individual child learns using the EYFS and the characteristics of Effective learning.

Playing and exploring

Active learning

Creating and thinking critically


Our planning is underpinned by a variety of adult led and child-initiated activities, By follow our childrens interests and gaps in developement which provides learning opportunities for all, setting our children up to be powerful learners.  


Our highly skilled practitioners make informed choices on how to implement the curriculum based on each child’s individual needs and Interests, underpinned by the characteristics of effective teaching. 

We encourage children to be independent learners and ensure children’s fascinations and needs are met by allowing children to voice their own preferences and interests. In addition, we effectively engage with parents to ensure the continuity of learning via our famly app.


We monitor the impact of our curriculum through observations which enables practitioners to reflect on their practice, this will evidence ways in which we need to enhance and adapt teaching and learning.  

The curriculum delivers personalised next steps for each individual child, ensuring developmental milestones are being achieved.

Where required, interventions are put in place in a timely manner, for children to feel happy and safe in an environment they will thrive within.